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Vision Guided Assembly Robot

Application: Automatically identifies, locates, registers and drives in multiple locations, and variable part orientations.

Vision Guided systems with X-Y Robot represent the best of automated assembly technology, and can be programmed to meet virtually any customer need.  Robots allow full automation of the fastening application.

Vision Guided Robots are Essential When:
• Operators cannot touch or move the part during assembly
• When parts are fed loose on a conveyor
• Parts need to driven in difficult, recessed or high tolerance
  (floating!) locations

How our Vision Guided Power Driver works:
• When identification of the presence and location of the parts
   is necessary the robot Vision Guidance System locates the points
   to register the part
• It automatically feeds and drives the customer required number
   and type of screws within a set cycle time
• The robot system handles simultaneously:
    - Geometry of the part
    - Proximity of screws  
    - Clearance
    - Depth requirements
    - Torque requirements
    - Monitoring and accessing all driving locations

After the screw is fed into the nosepiece, the entire jaw nosepiece assembly can be extended to the driving position to mechanically hold the screw at the lowest point over the hole prior to driving. This is the very highest assurance for a quality, no-mar cycle.

The Visumatic Advant-edge
• Each robot application is designed to fit your parts and
  your application
• Complete operator interface packages
• Can drive different screws at different locations simultaneously
• Systems are exhaustive tested and conformed for accuracy
• Arrive ready to run

Visumatic Vision Guided Robot Systems are designed for your part, with the right choice of:
• Driver Motor:  Pneumatic, AC or DC Electric Torque Control
• Nosepiece:  Jaw, Finder-Jaw, Mini, or Nut-Jaw
• Feeder Escapement:  Standard, Nut, Siamese, Cam, or Finger

Vision Guided.  Extremely Accurate.  Extended Bit.

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