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Cobot Workstation for Fastening Assembly

Application: Feature packed turnkey fastening workstation for flexible collaborative assemblly.

Cobot Workstation Screwdriving Cell 3D Start a new chapter of fastening automation with Visumatic's cobot workstation. This turnkey robotic assembly cell has the flexibility to be implemented on an existing line or as a portable workstation. Complete cobot package includes all the process control gear you need to get automation done.

This blend of technologies will move you beyond traditional robotic automation barriers without the burden of a specialized programmer. The six-axis robot has the agility required to handle compound part surfaces with the built-in capability to fit your process flow.

  • Our cobot workstation hits your floor ready to work and packed with these features:
  • UR5e Collaborative Robot / 850mm Reach / teach pendant
  • VCM-3X.2 cobot fastening module with Model 94 feeder
  • Torque/angle control tightening system
  • Basic part fixture with manual clamping
  • Visumatic standard workstation frame assembly
  • Opti-Touch cycle start button
  • Area scanner with 270 degree enhanced safety zones
Cobot Workstation Robot Controller with Visumatic UR Cap
  • Optional Features:
  • Light Tower Status Indicator
  • Smart Fixture with Part Presence Sensors
  • Bulk Fastener Supply Hopper with Controls
  • 360 degree area scanning
  • Vision tasks and inspection
  • Additional customizations available

The Visumatic Advant-edge
Quick start up with Visumatic's plug and perform turnkey assembly cobot workstation.

The workstation comes fully programmed utilizing our certified URCap cobot joining solution. It leverages Visumatic's world class fastening experience to qualify your application. A simple yet powerful tool to allow your robot to perform real applied work.

The area scanner augments cobot safety protocols by creating defined workstation proximity zones. When personnel detection occurs in the intermediate zone, robot speeds are reduced. Robot movement is completely halted if the closet zone is reached.

Let the cobot fastening experts cut your implementation time and improve worker safety.

Cobots Get Automation Done.

Watch the full HD version cobot workstation assembly cell video on Visumatic's YouTube channel.

Cobot Workstation Helps Rebalance Assembly Line Fastening

Cobot Workstation Performs Automated Fastening on Assembly Line
Reducing assembly worker density is on everyone's mind, and now is the time to reconfigure your cell layouts to get ahead of the curve ~ and flatten the curve. If your operators are stuck side by side in the work flow, give them some space and a predictable co-worker they can always get along with.

Visumatic's cobot workstation is the perfect rapid deployment solution.

Case Study: Cobot Workstation Jump Starts New Product Production

Cobot Screwdriving Cell An electronics manufacturer was rolling out an updated product design and they wanted to prove out a new form of process automation at the same time. The part had compound angles for which the flexibility of the collaborative robot was ideal. It also utilized a fastener that was common in the facility, which would help to maximize use of this technology combination for future applications.

Visumatic worked with the customer to develop a collaborative work cell platform that would be nearly universal for most product assemblies. This was done to allow simple, cost-effective change over to new products and speed implementation of future process improvements. It also reduced support and maintenance training requirements.

The customer brought their own cobot and Visumatic unleashed it's potential to perform applied automated fastening work.

This cobot workstation was delivered complete, straight to the customer's floor.
They were able to deploy it and start production trials on the same day.

Additonal Cobot Workstation Video

Watch the full HD version collaborative robot screwdriving video on Visumatic's YouTube channel.


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