manufacturing industryVisumatic serves the manufacturing industry as a leading supplier of automated fastening componentry. Our expertise in fastener automation allows quick implementation for immediate functionality. We design products for feeding and installing screws, nuts, clips, pins, and bolts, all designed for smooth integration into every type of assembly operation. 

Visumatic has the fastening gear to advance your assembly process. Manufacturers use our innovative equipment to produce a wide array of products including windows and doors, PCBs and electronic components. Our solutions help manufacturers boost productivity in the assembly of everything from fire suppression valves to chicken drinkers to skate boards.

Visumatic Offers Advantages to the Manufacturing Industry

Whether you are just getting started with automated fastening equipment or looking to upgrade to the latest robotic system, Visumatic can apply the right technology to speed production, improve quality, and deliver hassle-free production from equipment that just works. 

  • Increased Productivity
  • Product Quality Assurance
  • Ergonomic Improvement for Worker Safety
  • Reduced Labor Costs and Defect Repair Work 

When you partner with Visumatic, you benefit from our 60+ years of continuous improvement refining automatic screwdriving equipment and developing specialty fastener technology. You also have the advantage of rapid deployment with equipment that comes ready to plug and work.  Your system is designed for a seamless process fit and delivered with complete technical documentation, including installation tips to ensure immediate ROI.

General Manufacturing Product Solutions

Visumatic is your source for dependable equipment that works. Some of our many general manufacturing product solutions include:

VLB-900 with Finder Tip
The operator can easily see and feel correct placement, even on blind holes and counterbores.Learn More
Tabletop System
Tabletop screwdriving machines feature full assembly control with custom tooling that holds each work piece and a screwdriver that actuates for driving.Learn More
Cobot Workstation
This turnkey robotic screwdriving assembly cell has the flexibility to be implemented on an existing line or as a portable workstation.Learn More
VPS Presenter System
Screw presenter systems dispense screws in predetermined quantities or presents them one at a time for use by an operator. Learn More
multi-spindle screwdriving station
Multi-Spindle Stations
Multi-spindle screwdriving stations are automated assembly machines built to feed and drive multiple screws for critical joining and high volume assembly.Learn More
SCARA 4-Axis Robotic Screwdriver
SCARA 4-Axis Robotic Screwdriver
Engineered fastener feeding and installing SCARA robot system for assembly projects that require driving fasteners quickly and accurately.Learn More


Handheld Screwdriving System Helps a Hamper Manufacturer Double Production

A long time Visumatic customer manufacturing laundry hampers has been experiencing sustained sales growth. Production was given the task of nearly doubling production of this product at their facility. The application is to drive two #6 flat head screws into a metal lid hinge.