medical industryMedical manufacturing facilities maximize productivity and optimize process quality with Visumatic’s advanced fastening systems.  Our vast expertise in fastener automation allows medical product developers to quickly integrate our modular componentry for instant functionality. A few of the medical applications we serve include:

  • Clean room options for medical device assembly
  • Electronic component installation for diagnostic systems
  • Appliance case-halve closure for consumer devices

Visumatic engineers can help you apply the right automated fastening technology to bolster your existing quality systems.  We do this by improving procedural compliance, while ensuring that the end product is safe to use. Our team has decades of experience delivering repeatable screwdriving equipment to install #000 fastening in low torque environments. 

Visumatic Offers Notable Advantages to the Medical Products Industry

Our expertise in fastener automation provides medical product developers out-of-the-box functionality to meet challenging production requirements. Along with offering 60 years of refining automatic screwdriving equipment, we continue to innovate the latest fastener installation technology. 

When you partner with Visumatic, you have the advantage of shortened product launch times with tools that come ready to plug and produce. Engineered for a seamless process fit, your system is delivered with detailed technical documentation including a customized sequence of operation ensuring quick installation and set-up.

Medical Manufacturing Product Solutions

Dependable Visumatic fastening equipment is backed by a 100% guarantee with lifetime customer support.  Take a look at these medical manufacturing product solutions customizable to fit your need:

VLB-900 Mini Jaw
The VLB-900-M Mini-Jaw automatic screwdrivers are designed for assembly with tiny screws and can accommodate applications down to #000 fasteners.Learn More
Tabletop System
Tabletop screwdriving machines feature full assembly control with custom tooling that holds each work piece and a screwdriver that actuates for driving.Learn More
Qualified Assembly
Qualified Assembly
Visumatic Qualified Assembly technology delivers basic screw auditing of your joining process without the need for complex programming.Learn More
Cobot Workstation
This turnkey robotic screwdriving assembly cell has the flexibility to be implemented on an existing line or as a portable workstation.Learn More
VZP-900 Zero Push
Visumatic’s Zero Push screwfeeder is the top of the line of handheld automatic screwdrivers, improving operator productivity and acceptance.Learn More
SCARA 4-Axis Robotic Screwdriver
SCARA 4-Axis Robotic Screwdriver
Engineered fastener feeding and installing SCARA robot system for assembly projects that require driving fasteners quickly and accurately.Learn More


Tabletop Screwdriving Machine Instantly Doubles Production

A fluid control manufacturer was faced with the challenge of increasing throughput without adding labor. The valve body had two screws per part, with a multi-component stack up that included a spring. This made consistent fastening very challenging for an operator doing manual assembly.