Beyond manual screwdriving, figuring out where to start your process improvement and how far to go can be a lot to consider. This three (3) part white paper series walks you through the manufacturing journey from manual joining assembly to successfully deploying automated fastening technology on the factory floor. Take a deep dive as we break down the nuanced technical aspects of each implementation phase, shedding some light along the way.

We start off with a quick justification guide lining out considerations for getting the factory automation ball rolling. Next, we help you consider that not all products are designed well for automating, addressing and heading off potential difficulties with component design. Finally, we provide a framework for evaluating just how far you can realistically leap ahead from a semi-automated process through complete lights out assembly.

As the thought leaders in fastening technology, we are glad to share everything we possibly can to improve your production. When you partner with Visumatic, your business is our business.

Fastening Assembly Process Evolution

Part 1: When and How to Introduce Factory Automation

Part 2: Designing Fastened Parts for Automation – What You Need to Know

Part 3: The Four Levels of Fastener Automation


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