VSC-900 High Torque

Affordable. Easy Training. Improve Productivity.

Visumatic’s VSC-900 automatic screwdriver is an affordable way to begin your automation process. This simple handheld screw feeding and driving system is perfect for higher torque applications.

The screwfeeder bowl is filled and the screws are then oriented and fed to the tooling tip. The automatic screwdriver installs each fastener to the proper torque. The feeder immediately delivers the next screw, keeping your assembly operator productive.

The Visumatic Advant-edge

  • Perfect for small assembly lines, small budgets
  • Handles higher torque joining

Ergonomics are no problem when pairing this automatic screwdriver on a torque reaction arm. Super duty, regular duty, or custom biomechanical operator support options available.

Includes an engineered Visumatic Model 94 Screwfeeder

  • The simplest screw feeder system available
  • Extremely quiet Steel Enclosure eliminates debris
  • Longest blow distance in its class

Visumatic Standard Collapse high torque automatic screwdriver systems are designed for your part, with the best choice of:

  • Driver Tool: Standard Pneumatic or DC Torque/Angle Control
  • Nosepiece: Jaw or Fin-Jaw for tight access drive locations

Achieve your productivity goals quickly with the most reliable automatic screwfeeder system on the market.

Easy to deploy, simple to maintain.