Automatic Nut Driver

Controlled Accuracy. Robust Performance.

VNPM Nut Driver System with Automatic Feeder

VNPM automatic nut driver robot
automatic nut feeder

Application: Heavy duty automatic nut driver package for machine builders repeatably feeds and accurately drives nuts for qualified joint control.

Engineered with robotic applications in mind, the VNPM automatic nut driver system is the go-to choice for 6-axis and cartesian robot platforms. A nut driving module is the perfect fit when socket stroke is the only actuation you need.

You can present the part to the tooling tip or mount the head on your linear positioner to achieve the desired Z-axis relationship between the nut nosepiece and the drive location. The VNPM has several mounting options for direct tooling plate installation with a custom adapter plate that matches your presentation method.

The Visumatic Advant-edge

Nut feed direct to tooling tip technology for rapid automatic driving.

Engineered designs to automatically feed and drive a variety of nuts including flange, hex, nylock, captivated star washers, and other specialty nuts. Engineered part interface tooling conforms to production parts providing a repeatable, accurate nut rundown cycle.

VNPM automatic nut driver systems include:

  • Model 94 automatic nut feeder and controller
  • Enclosure to limit feeder sound and debris
  • Transfer sensor gives the PLC feed confirmation
  • Nut driver tooling designed to fit your nut and part stack up

Nut locking socket options provide the ability to whip at high speeds and the flexibility to insert horizontally or at multiple angles. Driver slide position sensors give PLC feedback and assist in joining depth stroke verification, improving cycle qualification.

Plug and play capability for repeatable process control.

Additional Configuration:

VNR-800 Automatic Nut Driver System for Handheld Operation

VNR-800 automatic nut driver handheld

Application: An automatic feed nut driver for large and small nuts delivers efficiency with your highest assurance against cross-threading.

Designed to wipe out cross threads, our handheld automatic nut driver takes the worry out of nut fastening and increases productivity. The VNR-800 incorporates our self-aligning “X-Thread Eliminator” socket ensuring the nut is flat before driving. A Visumatic Exclusive.

Engineered nut driver nosepiece tooling tips permit access anywhere you can put a socket. Included features work to assist the operator with locating the stud, handling concave or convex ends.

The Visumatic Advant-edge

Forget about cross-threading problems with Visumatic’s simple, reliable automatic nut driver system.

Each automatic nut driver system comes complete with a zero-adjustment feeder for repeatable worry-free operation. Visumatic delivers on ergonomic improvements handling the sorting and placing of the nuts, while the nut advance tooling goes through the rundown motion for the operator. Options include the ability to extend the nut prior to driving, giving the operator visual cues for nut placement.

Improved productivity. Ergonomic for operator acceptance.

Additional Configuration:

VNPD Automatic Nut Driver for Superior Automation

VNPD automatic nut driver
automatic nut feeder

Application: Our bestselling Power Driver configured for nut driving with our exclusive “X-Thread Eliminator” for linear robot or weldment mount assembly processes.

Machine builders appreciate the simple integration of the VNPD automatic nut driver system. The spindle nosepiece is designed with our proprietary nut leveling feature which virtually eliminates cross-threading, your biggest concern in automated nut driving applications.

The carriage motion advances the nut driver module towards and away from the target stud, while the independently controlled socket drive assembly strokes the socket and nut. Each motion is discretely monitored with built-in position sensors which also qualify the socket stroke.

The Visumatic Advant-edge

Immediately functionality from a highly accurate, extremely durable design in a compact envelope.

There’s more to our excellence than efficiently and reliably performing automatic nut driving. The built-in features and easy integration of our systems speak to its worry-free maintenance and low cost of ownership. Oversized bearings and flow-controlled cylinders give your plant production team the peace of mind that comes with long lasting componentry.

Rapid Deployment Nut Driver Package

  • Microprocessor controlled Model 94 automatic nut feeder
  • Feeder comes enclosed to limit sound and debris
  • Nut feed confirmation sensor with cabling
  • Single PLC communication port for slide & drive position signaling
  • Part interface tooling engineered to fit your application

The VNPD nut driving system is robustly designed to repeatably feed and install nearly any nut. The included fastener transfer sensor verifies that the nut feeder delivered the nut to the tooling tip.

Nut driver tooling tip designs can accommodate a wide variety of applications:

  • Flange nuts with molded washers
  • Standard hex or nylock nuts
  • Nuts with captivated flat or star washers

Straightforward integration. Extreme durability.

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