Automatic Ring Application

Increased Efficiency. Ergonomically Friendly.

VIM-500 Ring Applicator with Automatic Feeder

automatic ring feeder
VIM 500 automatic ring application

Application: Fast presentation automatic feed brazing ring to tubing application system for surface mount operation.

The VIM-500 ring application system is designed for tabletop work surface mounting. The tubing is presented by the operator to the applicator tooling tip. A foot pedal is used to actuate the system while the ring is automatically fed and installed to depth.

The Visumatic Advant-edge

Ergonomic improvements eliminate time consuming ring separation and orientation.

Visumatic leads fastening innovation again with the automatic ring application system, unavailable anywhere else on the market. Presentation tooling is engineered to fit your ring and set brazing ring position on the tubing.

Automatic ring application systems include:

  • Model 94 automatic ring feeder with cycle controls.
  • Enclosure to reduce sound and limit debris
  • Insertion tooling designed to fit your ring and desired depth

System designs are available to handle 2 and 3 turn brazing rings with a wire gauge of 0.035” or greater. Flux rings and single turn rings at higher gauges can also be automated if they conform to tightly toleranced part prints.

Advanced assembly equipment does away with parts handling.

Additional Configuration:

VIN-500 Automatic Ring Application System for Handheld Operation

automatic ring application handheld

VIN 500 automatic ring application handheld

Application: Automatically feeds and applies rings onto stationary tubing for use by an operator to improved quality and productivity.


Using the combined principle of Visumatic’s VIN Pin Insertion System and Locking Bit, the VIN-500 ring application system is designed to handle brazing rings, soldering rings, and specialty coils. Rings are automatically fed and applied to depth onto tubing ends, completely eliminating arduous and labor-intensive hand placement.

This evolution of our complete automatic ring application system gives the operator sensory feedback so that they can feel the part and ring connection prior to actuation. The fast trigger activation sets the ring to depth, improving efficiency and accuracy.

The Visumatic Advant-edge

  • Speed production with quick point to point applications
  • Reduces operator strain by selecting and positioning rings

Each automatic ring application system has a feeder with built-in microprocessor-controls to sequence operation. Enclosed for cleanliness and sound abatement, the ring feeder can be placed up to 20′ away from the application tooling. This gives your operators the freedom to move along the workpiece, working both ends of a heat exchanger or other assembly.

Improved ergonomics keep your operator fast and friendly.