aerospace and defense industryAerospace/defense manufacturers can depend on Visumatic for automated fastening componentry that optimizes productivity and enhances product quality. Designed as ready to use equipment, our fastener automation systems allow manufacturers to quickly implement assembly machines for immediate functionality. 

Visumatic engineers fastening solutions for high quantity micro-electronics screwdriving, as well as critical joining for complete SPC data collection and quality assurance. Visumatic systems provide precision joint control for moisture sealing and high vibration componentry. Aerospace/defense manufacturers can rely on our equipment to meet the rigorous manufacturing standards of this critical industry.

Visumatic Offers Advantages to the Aerospace/Defense Industry

Manufacturers of precision defense and aerospace products and assemblies benefit from Visumatic fastener automation systems, which provide out-of-the-box functionality to meet demanding build schedules.  Visumatic has accumulated over 60 years of continuous improvement and experience refining automatic screwdriving equipment. We’re also a leader in new specialty fastener installation technology. 

When you partner with Visumatic, you benefit from our focused industry experience and expertise. You can rely on Visumatic to handle every fastening challenge your production team faces.

Aerospace/Defense Industry Product Solutions

Visumatic is your knowledgeable, capable solution source, delivering dependable machines that work. Some of our many aerospace and defense industry applied technology solutions include:

Multi-Fastener System
Visumatic developed the multi-fastener system to streamline efficiency in aerospace production allowing a greater level of ergonomics and quality control measures.Learn More
Qualified Assembly
Qualified Assembly
Visumatic Qualified Assembly technology delivers basic screw auditing of your joining process without the need for complex programming.Learn More
VZP-900 Zero Push
Visumatic’s Zero Push screwfeeder is the top of the line of handheld automatic screwdrivers, improving operator productivity and acceptance. Learn More
Tabletop System
Tabletop screwdriving machines are the next step up in assembly process automation, making a seamless transition from handheld fastening.Learn More
SCARA 4-Axis Robotic Screwdriver
SCARA 4-Axis Robotic Screwdriver
Engineered fastener feeding and installing SCARA robot system for assembly projects that require driving fasteners quickly and accurately.Learn More
Cartesian Robot Advanced
Cartesian Robot Advanced
The X-Y cartesian robot is a turnkey, four-station rotary indexing assembly machine that drives multiple fasteners simultaneously.Learn More