VPM Power Modules

Repeatable. Bullet Proof.

Application: Automatic feeding and screwdriving system for incorporation into an assembly platform where bit stroke is the only actuation required.

Built to deliver robust fastening under the most extreme conditions, the VPM Power Module is the machine builder’s screwdriving spindle of choice for robotic integration. It can be configured to install fasteners in any plane, including vertically up!

VPM Power Module systems can be integrated with:

  • Six-axis robots
  • Cartesian X-Y-Z robots
  • Weldment mounting with part presentation

The VPM screwdriving system is the right fit when you need the fastener bit-stroked into the part. It is dependent on other machine components for motion to present the tooling tip for bit stroke.

The Visumatic Advant-edge

  • Screw feed during robot move for fast cycle times.
  • Delivered ready to plug and work.

Engineered for rapid deployment, the VPM includes a one-and-done electrical connection for the built-in slide position and fastener transfer sensors. Visumatic can integrate any brand screwdriver into the spindle. If it fits the application, we have a system engineered to fit your motor.

Paired with our reliable Model 94 feeder, the VPM screwdriving system is the machine builder’s most popular EOAT for six-axis robot integration.

Out of the box capability for repeatable process control.

Configuration Options

  • VPM 7 Series
  • VPM 5 Series
  • VPM 3 Series
  • VVPM Vacuum
  • VPM Ultra-Light

VPM 7 Series

7 Series Power Module for Heavy Duty Screwdriving

7 Series Power Module for Heavy Duty Screwdriving

The machine builder’s choice for high torque applications. Super duty design can handle tightening torque up to 350 Nm.

Tooling tips engineered to interface with part surface geometry for repeatable rundown efficiency.

VPM 5 Series

fixtured screwdriving spindle VPM 5 Series Power Module automatic feed screwdriver

5 Series Power Module for Standard Duty

The perfect fit screwdriving spindle for most fastening applications.

VPM 3 Series

3 Series Power Module for Light Duty Screwdriving

3 Series Power Module for Light Duty Screwdriving

Engineered to produce quality assemblies in low to extremely low torque applications. Specially engineered for screwdriving on finer assembly processes.

VVPM Vacuum

VVPM Vacuum Screwdriving Module

VVPM Vacuum Screwdriving Module

Bullet proof screwdriving spindle built for repeatable fastening. Automatic feed and drive system engineered to fit in tight locations where clearance is limited to only the bit and screw.

A plug and work spindle package that includes integrated fastener transfer sensor, vacuum system, and cable management.

VPM Ultra-Light

VPM 3 Series Ultra-Light Screwdriving Spindle

VPM 3 Series Ultra-Light Screwdriving Spindle

Building on our smallest 3 Series system, the ultra-light is the right choice applied in payload sensitive robotic applications.

The example shown here incorporated a customer-specified servo-controlled torque tightening system.


Smooth Robot Integration and Solid Performance Reported by Integrator

A machine builder was working on a very challenging assembly project for an aerospace component assembly application. They began searching for a fastening solution to accurately and repeatably drive screws inside of their robot cell.