Cartesian Robot Advanced

Highly Configurable. Instant Quality Control.
Cartesian Robot Advanced

Cartesian Robot Advanced

Application: Precision cartesian robot screwdriver for advanced production installs multiple fasteners in an adaptable work platform.

This cartesian robot screwdriver platform can quickly install fasteners to increase accuracy and throughput.  It has high reliability and precision while operating in three-dimensional space, and is uniquely suited for screwdriving coordination across wide horizontal planes.

Visumatic’s extremely configurable system can assemble single or multiple product varieties in the same machine.  Adding dual actuating part fixtures can accommodate difficult part stacking operations while the robot screwdriver simultaneously performs the fastening, reducing labor requirements.

The Visumatic Advant-edge

Fastening technology expertise that can be applied in this turnkey assembly machine for multiple fasteners.

Each linear actuator is geometrically parallel to its axis of travel, with three perpendicular linear stages forming an X-Y-Z work platform.  Screwdriver or clip insertion spindles can be mounted on multiple Z-axis actuators to achieve an incredibly efficient level of complex assembly.

Arrives ready to perform with these superb features:

  • The right choice of X-Y-Z cartesian robot
  • Built in quality assurance with precise NST traceable axis
  • Up to 2000mm robot work envelope
  • Gantry support options for screwdriver tapping operations

Visumatic’s team of assembly engineers exhaustively tests and documents every system, ensuring the cartesian robotic screwdriver assembly cell will repeatably run production upon power up.

Engineered for brilliant functionality.


Robot Screwdriver & Clip Inserter Machine Provides Next-Level Quality Control

Along with a mid-model design change, this automotive interior trim maker saw their production target triple. Already struggling with some quality concerns, they met with Visumatic to review the assembly process and explore options.