Automatic Clip Insertion

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VIM-600 Clip Insertion System with Automatic Feeder

Automatic Clip Insertion cobot mount
Automatic Clip feeder

Application: Rapid fire automatic clip insertion platform for machine builders that feeds and inserts clips to a verified depth.

Built to do away with tedious hand placement, the VIM-600 clip insertion system is suitable for use in cobot, cartesian, and 6-axis robot integrations. A wide variety of standard engineered designs are available to automatically feed install an assortment of clips including plastic and metal clips.

The Visumatic Advant-edge

Auto-feed direct to insert point technology for rapid clip insertion.

Flexible mounting options allow for direct tooling plate installation with a customized adapter plate that matches your actuation method. Part interface tooling is engineered to mate with your part tower design for repeatably accurate and efficient assembly.

Automatic clip insertion systems include:

  • Microprocessor-controlled Model 94 automatic clip feeder
  • Feeder enclosed to limit sound and debris
  • Fastener transfer sensor provides clip feed confirmation
  • Insertion tooling designed to fit your clip and tower

A locking spindle option is available where the part design requires clip insertion at multiple angles. The punch locks directly behind the clip, giving the robot the flexibility to insert horizontally or at odd angles.

Punch position sensors provide feedback to the PLC feedback for robot move sequencing. The depth verification punch stroke sensor enhances cycle consistency and helps qualify the assembly at each clip insertion location.

Ruggedly designed for repeatable clip insertion.

Automatic Clip Insertion Vidoes