Linear Coordinate Robot

Long Duty Cycle. Low Maintenance.
Linear Coordinate Robot

Application: Turnkey plug-n-work X-Y linear coordinate assembly system for highly accurate robot screwdriving in multiple locations.

A complete robotic screwdriving platform built for basic functionality and designed to adapt to product changes over time. The machine’s precise fast-moving robot motion is an ideal automation solution to quickly perform mundane high-volume screwdriving tasks.

The Visumatic Advant-edge

A simple robot screwdriving approach that delivers process repeatability, meets quality expectations, and lowers manufacturing costs.

This assembly machine has a variety of straightforward options which include smart part fixtures, network SPC data reporting, and screw rundown torque/angle control. This highly configurable robot screwdriving platform can be retooled for a future product, reducing cost of ownership.

Arrives ready to work with useful features:

  • Programmed X-Y linear coordinate robot
  • Feed direct to robot screwdriving tooling tip
  • Visumatic Model 94 automatic screwfeeder system
  • Screw installation verification & reporting
  • Graphical HMI panel with audible alerts

An engineered robot screwdriving platform that allows you to adapt and grow your business.

robot screwdriving factory floor


Essential Automation Engineered to be Made Simply

An automotive steering wheel manufacturer was looking for labor savings to boost their competitive advantage for a switch assembly process.  The end customer increased quality assurance requirements without providing capital equipment funding.  Visumatic teamed up with the factory process engineers to create a cost-effective solution.