appliance industryVisumatic is a leading supplier to appliance manufacturers.  We provide automated fastening systems that optimize quality, improve efficiency, and boost productivity. Our expertise in fastener automation allows process improvement to rapidly implement equipment for immediate functionality. A few of the appliance manufacturing applications we serve include:

  • Auxiliary component attachment such as PCBs and hardware
  • Heavy duty bolt driving for trunnions and agitators
  • Panel attachment placing sheet metal screws

Our innovative systems significantly speed production by accurately handling and positioning the fastener; streamlining the workflow. Another PLUS is improved WORKER SAFETY with tooling that absorbs the torque reaction for the operator. Each system is designed with quality in mind, reducing bonus or missing screws.

Visumatic Offers Advantages to Appliance Manufacturers 

Visumatic provides out of the box functionality to meet demanding production rates.  We have over 60 years of experience delivering innovative screwdriving equipment to appliance manufacturers assembling ovens, blenders, dishwashers, and more. Whether you are installing screws, nuts, bolts or pins, Visumatic’s breadth of expertise means you can rely on them to handle every fastening challenge your manufacturing group faces.

Partner with Visumatic and gain the advantage of rapid deployment with gear that comes ready to plug and work. Designed for a seamless process fit, your system is delivered with:

  • Complete technical documentation including schematics
  • A customized sequence of operation ensuring short training curves
  • 100% guarantee with lifetime customer support

Appliance Manufacturing Product Solutions

Visumatic versatile approach drives efficiency while producing quality-assured white goods. Some of our many appliance manufacturing solutions include:

VLB-900-PS Pistol Grip
Visumatic’s comfortable Pistol Grip automatic screw feeder system is balanced for efficiency and puts the center of gravity in the palm of your hand.Learn More
VZP-900 Zero Push
Visumatic’s Zero Push screwfeeder is the top of the line of handheld automatic screwdrivers, improving operator productivity and acceptance.Learn More
VPS Presenter System
Screw presenter systems dispense screws in predetermined quantities or presents them one at a time for use by an operator.Learn More
Tabletop System
Tabletop screwdriving machines feature full assembly control with custom tooling that holds each work piece and a screwdriver that actuates for driving.Learn More
Lights-Out Screwdriving
Visumatic lights-out screwdriving platforms allow you to launch new products faster while producing qualified assemblies at higher speeds.Learn More
Cobot Workstation
This turnkey robotic screwdriving assembly cell has the flexibility to be implemented on an existing line or as a portable workstation.Learn More


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