Automatic Pin Insertion

Fast. Accurate. Flexible.

VIM-700 Pin Insertion System with Automatic Feeder


Application: Rapid fire automatic pin insertion package for machine builders flawlessly feeds and repeatably inserts pins to proper depth.

Suitable for use in robotic applications, the VIM-700 pin insertion system is typically deployed in cartesion and 6-axis robot integrations. Engineered designs to automatically feed and install a variety of non-threaded fasteners including barbed darts, steel pins, and dual-action push-pins.

The Visumatic Advant-edge

Feed direct to insert point technology for rapid pin insertion.

Flexible mounting options allow for direct tooling plate installation with a customized adapter plate that matches your actuation method. Tooling tips are custom engineered to interface with component surface details allowing maximum assembly efficiency and accuracy.

Automatic pin insertion systems include:

  • Microprocessor-controlled Model 94 automatic pin feeder
  • Feeder enclosure for cleanliness and sound reduction
  • Fastener transfer sensor provides feed confirmation
  • Insertion tooling designed to fit your pin and part surface

Locking spindle options provide the flexibility to insert horizontally, vertically, or at multiple angles including vertically up. Punch position sensors provide PLC feedback and proper joining depth stroke verification, ensuring cycle consistency.

Visumatic pin insertion spindles have nosepiece designs to place a wide variety of non-threaded fasteners:

  • Automotive Christmas tree insertion
  • Scrivets insertion
  • Smooth or collared pin insertion

Your process dictates our design.

Additional Configuration:

VIN-700 Pin Insertion System for Handheld Operation


Application: An automatic feed and ergonomic pin insertion system for use by an operator increases speed, accuracy, and productivity.

Visumatic’s expansive fastening technology expertise delivers on our promise to provide reliable automatic pin insertion systems. Building on the same operating principles as our flagship Locking Bit, we designed this insertion tool so that the punch is just behind the pin.

The operator can positively feel the pin shank enter the hole prior to actuation. This provides sensory feedback to the operator, giving them maximum assembly efficiency and accuracy.

The Visumatic Advant-edge

  • Improves speed for fast point to point insertions
  • Eliminates the strain of selecting and orienting pins

Every automatic pin insertion system is delivered complete with a microprocessor-controlled feeder for work cell flexibility. Enclosed for cleanliness and sound abatement, the pin feeder can be placed up to 20′ away from the insertion point, allowing your operators the freedom to follow the work along an assembly line.

Ergonomically advanced. Operator friendly.

Additional Configuration:

VIPD-700 Pin Insertion for Advanced Automation

Application: The machine builder’s choice to quickly feed and insert pins for integrations using linear coordinate robot or weldment mount assembly processes.

The VIPD provides independent tooling advance and punch stroke actuation for out of the box functionality. The system feeds and automatically inserts pins in a wide variety of assembly applications.

The carriage motion advances the pin insertion module towards and away from the target point, while the independently controlled punch assembly strokes the pin into the part. Each motion is discretely monitored with built-in position sensors.

The Visumatic Advant-edge

Integral tooling presentation motion saves the cost of add-on robot actuation components.

There’s more to our excellence than efficiently and reliably performing automatic pin insertion. The design features and easy integration of our systems speak to the worry-free maintenance and low cost of ownership. Rugged bearings and cylinders with included flow controls give your end user the peace of mind that comes with long lasting componentry.

A durable precision hammer and sensorized punch cylinder provide the required insertion force, ensuring proper joining depth is achieved. Tooling tips are custom engineered to interface with component surface details allowing extreme assembly efficiency and accuracy.

Rapid Deployment Pin Insertion Bundle

  • Independently controlled Model 94 automatic pin feeder
  • Feeder comes enclosed to limit sound and debris
  • Pin transfer sensor provides feed confirmation
  • Single communication port for PLC slide & punch position signaling
  • Part surface interface tooling designed to fit your pin & parts

The VIPD insertion system has a robust design to repeatably feed and install pins, barbed darts, and other types of non-threaded fasteners. The insertion spindle comes complete with punch position sensors to qualify the insertion stroke/depth and includes a fastener transfer sensor that will monitor the transfer from the feeder to the tooling tip.

Pin insertion tooling tip designs can accommodate a wide variety of applications:

  • Christmas tree barbed dart insertion
  • Automotive dual-action push pin insertion
  • Straight shank or molded collar pin insertion

Greater capability. Engineered for control.

Automatic Pin Insertion Videos