automotive industryVisumatic is a key supplier to the automotive industry, providing automated fastening equipment that is engineered to perform reliably and improve production. Our solutions include part interface tooling tips designed to install screws in hard to reach places, like the counterbores and standing bosses common to interior trim components. 

Building on our automatic screwdriving technology, Visumatic has equipment for nearly every automotive assembly process, from clip installation, to nut driving, and even barbed dart insertion. Our innovative systems take over orienting the fastener and feed-to-tip of the screw, which significantly speeds production and smooths the workflow. 

Visumatic Offers Advantages to the Automotive Industry

Our team’s expertise in fastener automation provides automotive manufacturers turnkey system functionality to consistently meet production goals in demanding environments. Visumatic offers over 60 years of continuous improvement and refining repeatable automatic screwdriving equipment, while developing new specialty fastener installation technology. 

When you partner with Visumatic, you have the advantage of product quality assurance. Delivering a process control approach that monitors torque and angle while eliminating bonus screws, our solutions boost product quality while reducing costly rework. Ergonomic benefits mean a better work environment for your team.  Applying the proper equipment to take the torque reaction off of the operator improves ergonomics and worker safety.

Automotive Manufacturing Product Solutions

Visumatic is your consistent, capable partner delivering  dependable products that just work. Some of our many automotive manufacturing product solutions include:

VLB-900 Locking Bit
A handheld system that positively engages a screw in the nosepiece tooling tip so operators can align mating parts in any orientation.Learn More
Cobot Clip Inserter
Our cobot clip inserter workstation applies the right clip insertion gear to solve tedious ergonomic production challenges.Learn More
Qualified Assembly
Qualified Assembly
Visumatic Qualified Assembly technology delivers basic screw auditing of your joining process without the need for complex programming.Learn More
VNPM automatic nut driver robot
Automatic Nut Driving
Visumatic technology automatically identifies, locates, registers and drives in multiple locations and variable part orientations.Learn More
SCARA 4-Axis Robotic Screwdriver
SCARA 4-Axis Robotic Screwdriver
Engineered fastener feeding and installing SCARA robot system for assembly projects that require driving fasteners quickly and accurately.Learn More
Lights-Out Screwdriving
Visumatic lights-out screwdriving platforms allow you to launch new products faster while producing qualified assemblies at higher speeds.Learn More


Higher Torque Screws Installed in Tight Spots

Assembly Process: Automatically feed and drive, one per cycle, an M4 x 20mm long torx drive pan head screw to required 4.8 Nm torque to secure a fan clutch housing. A radial torque arm was required to absorb the tightening reaction forces and also assist the operator with vertical alignment.