Multi-Spindle Stations

Precision Independent Drives. Streamlined Turnkey Integration.
multi-spindle screwdriving station

Application: Multi-spindle screwdriving stations are automated assembly machines built to feed and drive multiple screws for critical joining and high volume assembly.

Staying competitive in your industry means producing a higher quality product at a lower cost. Visumatic delivers complete turn-key multi-spindle screwdriving stations robustly built and ready for operation.

The Visumatic Advant-edge

Fastening technology delivered straight to your floor ready to produce.

Visumatic engineered multi-spindle screwdriving stations are design for your unique assembly challenges. Two or more spindles built to drive multiple fasteners at once, achieving high volume, efficient assembly. Your process dictates our design.

Multi-Spindle screwdriving systems can be configured with:

  • Rotary indexing part conveyance systems
  • Sensorized part fixturing
  • Part transfer conveyors
  • Any number of screwdriving spindles

Every screwdriving spindle functions independently during the driving process for optimal joint control. Parts can be operator or robot loaded, and then presented for fastening via a rotary indexer or conveyor. Systems come complete with custom HMI, automatic purge tray, and safety guarding.

We ship it. You plug it in.