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Custom Feeder Systems & Escapements

Application: Feeder orients and delivers common to extremely difficult fasteners.

Visumatic Feeder Systems are simply the best on the market and set the industry standard.  Our feeder systems are 100% designed and built in house, utilizing escapement designs that fit your specific application requirements.  All our escapements deliver the highest possible value because there are no external springs to fatigue and the fewest moving parts in the industry. 

A sensor in the bowl signals the hopper to dispense fasteners when the low level limit is reached, keeping the bowl at the optimum level of fasteners, leading to longer bowl life and more efficient feeding.

Visumatic has developed a series of exclusive escapement designs, to handle:
• Difficult to manage and place fasteners
• Run of the mill screws, nut, bolts, rivets, pins and studs
Extreme sizes - very long, very short, very small

The range of feeder designs available guarantees Visumatic can accommodate your part and any fastener you will need to install today and in the future.

The Visumatic Advant-edge
• Simple – with one moving part
• Escapements are designed for your
   requirements in these configurations:

Standard Screw Escapement
Bulk Supply Hopper
M-75 Standard Escapement
C-95 Cam Escapement
Siamese Escapement
Finger Escapement
Siamese Escapement
F-95 Finger Escapement
Nut Feeder Escapement
N-99 Nut Escapement

• Bowl control for low power consumption
• High flow valves
• Microcontroller board-level electrical controls
    - Maintain the optimum level of fasteners
    - Maintain the feed cycle and blow rate
• Microprocessor controls provide maximum flexibility and serviceability
• Handles a gross box of fasteners – 30-40 lbs
    - Operator adds screws 80% less often!
    - Steel enclosure protects from dirt and debris
    - Makes a cleaner, safer workspace
• System diagnostic
• Surge protection
• Stock stainless steel or poly-coated cast aluminum vibratory bowl
• Other vendor-specified bowls are no problem
• Automatic bowl shut off
• Integrator control option
• Empty bowl alarm relay
• Pressure and proximity feed qualification
• Automatic remote feed interface
• Bulk hoppers available

Built Better.   Simple.   Single Movement.

Unique & Custom Escapments
Siamese Escapement
Clip Feeder Escapement
Large Bolt Escapement
Oversized Escapement
Siamese Escapement
Clip Escapement
Large Part Escapement
Siamese Pinbolt
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Custom Feeders
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