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Dual X-Y Robot Standalone Automated Assembly Machine

Application: Two X-Y robot stations that simultaneously assemble multiple parts with automatic eject of completed assemblies.

XY Robot Assembly MachineVisumatic develops complete, “plug -n-work” X-Y robot assembly machines. In this dual action system, each robot is fitted with a Visumatic VPM-X.2 Power Module screw driving spindle designed to automate your assembly line. Your part is simply presented to the nosepieces and screws are stroked into the part.

The system shown, designed and built by Visumatic, uses two 2,000mm x 1,800mm XY robots that work in concert with each other to install 36 screws into a plastic cabinet with extremely tight clearances. The system, once initially loaded, works non-stop. Once cassettes are loaded; both robots begin assembling one part, then the other while ejecting the completed part.

The operator unloads the completed part and reloads. By the time the reloaded part is in place, the XY robot completes the second part, moves back over and the process is repeated. Each XY robot is capable of assembling either side independently.

Dual XY RobotThe Visumatic Advant-edge 
• Visumatic internal cylinders
   - Extreme repeatability and accuracy
   - High bearing surface area
• Visumatic's automatic screwfeeder with S-95 escapements:
   - Deliver two screws with one movement
   - Zero adjustments
• Reliable, long duty-cycle XY robot and machine components
• Customer choice of
   - Pneumatic, AC or DC Electric Driver Tool
   - Extruded aluminum or powder-coated steel painted to spec.
• Easier for you
   - Less maintenance parts to keep on hand
   - Your facility maintains a uniform look
   - PLC, sensors, and verification - all in one system
• Robust X-Y Robot for positioning

Uniform Look.   Long Duty Cycles.   Less Maintenance


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