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Automated Assembly Machine

Fixed Systems and Robotics are turnkey, automated assembly machines that either require an operator to load/unload or are fully automatic with part ingress and egress systems. Typically, the operator loads the part into the Fixtured System, and presses a button to initiate a quality controlled, automatic drive cycle. With Robotics, the part is automatically introduced to the system; the machine recognizes the part and self-initiates the assembly cycle.

• High Volume Applications – higher than a hand-held operator can keep up with
• Multiple locations, fasteners type, and/or depth done simultaneously
• When high torque or ergonomic consideration is specified
• Extra-large screws or unusual fasteners
• Advanced Fastening: Installing in a certain order, synchronizing torque, etc.

Configured for Your Part, Your Line with the right:
Driver Tool, Nosepiece, Orientation, Delivery System and Feeder Escapement

Fastening Robot Assembly Machine
Viper 4-Axis Fastening Robot System

Robotic fastening system for lightning-fast, quality assured product assembly.
Cobot Workstaion
Cobot Workstation Assembly Cell

Collaborative screwdriving work cell for flexible, rapid deployment assemblly.
Conveyor Assembly Station
Multi-Spindle In-Line Conveyor Station

Automatic fastening machine installs multiple screws simultaneously in conveyor-fed parts for high-speed volume assembly.
Rotary Indexing Assembly Machine
Multi-Spindle Rotary Index System
Simultaneously drives multiple locations, fasteners, and target torque.
Components loaded by operator placement or conveyor lift and locate.
Standalone Automatic Work Cell
Standalone Automated Assembly Machine
Turnkey assembly system drives multiple and different fasteners, with variable target torque and drive planes. 
Handles very small to extra-large fasteners.
Multi-Spindle Drive Head
7 Spindle System
Automatic system drives multiple locations, independently or together.
Robotic Assembly Indexer
XY Robot Rotary Indexing System
Four-station rotary indexing for multiple part driving.
Robot Assembly Line Station
X-Y Conveyor Station
Robotic  location and installation of multiple fasteners and drive location into conveyor fed parts.
Turnkey Automated Robotic Assembly Machine
X-Y Conveyor Cell
Robot locates multiple drive locations and allows for an operator and multiple part bins in this turnkey workstation.
Vision Guided Screw Driving Robot
Vision Guided Robot
Four-station rotary indexing for multiple part driving.
Multi-operator Conveyor Equipment
Automated Multi-Operator Assembly Machine
Operator pre-load assembly stations with automatic part transfer to fully automated, multi spindle screw driving stations for simultaneous driving, finished assembly conveyance
Automatic Screw Feeder


Custom Feeder Systems
Microprocessor controls provide maximum flexibility and serviceability in our many feeders systems capable of handling stock or custom parts.
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