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VLB-900 Locking Bit with Screwfeeder

Application: Positively engages screw in the nosepiece tooling tip so operators can align mating parts in any orientation.

Locking Bit Screwfeeder

The Locking Bit is Visumatic Industrial Products' basic, hand held automatic screwfeeder.  It's the simplest, most reliable hand held screw feeding and driving system on the market.  Visumatic invented the Locking Bit Handheld System with over 20 years of research and development. 

Our exclusive design:
• Keeps the bit and screw engaged in the nosepiece
• Operator can align the parts prior to fastening using the screw to
   feel the joint
• Allows vertical, horizontal and inverted application
• Pistol Grip or Inline assemblies
• Operator can ‘ice pick’ the assembly ensuring proper alignment,
   for seamless application and maximum productivity 

The Visumatic Advant-edge
• Advanced microprocessor controls
• The simplest, most reliable and efficient feed system available
• One Movement, Zero Adjustments
    - No external springs or pins hold the nosepiece together
    - Steel enclosure limits sound and debris
    - Longest blow distance on the market
• Greater control and capability
• Nosepieces designed to fit your part, control the screw, keep bit
   & screw engaged

VLB-900 Locking Bit Visumatic Locking Bit systems are designed for your part, with
the best choice of:

• Drive Motor:  Pneumatic, AC or DC Electric Torque Control
• Nosepiece:  Jaw, Finder, Mini, or Nut-Jaw
• Feeder Escapement:  Standard, Nut, Cam, or Finger
• Driver Style:  Inline or Pistol Grip Lever, Trigger or Push-to-start
• Optional Ergonomic Torque Arm & Bulk Supply Hoppers

Greater Control.   Greater Capability.   Built Better. 


Automatic Screw Feeder

Pistol Automatic Screwfeeder

VLB-900-PS Pistol Locking Bit
Automatic Screwfeeder

For horizontal applications. Positively engages the screw in the nosepiece so operators can align screw and mating parts. Complete with Model 94 automatic screwfeeder.

Automatic Screwfeeder

VSC-900 Standard Collapse
Automatic Screw Feeder

Our most affordable screwdriving system for entry into automatic assembly. The screw feeder with a short lead time.
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VLB-900 Locking Bit
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