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VSC-900 Standard Collapse Automatic Screwfeeder

Application: Our most affordable automatic screwdriving system, for entry into automated assembly, the screwfeeder with a short lead time.

VSC-900 Automatic ScrewfeederWhen your business is ready to step into advanced assembly, Visumatic’s VSC-900 automatic screwfeeder is an affordable way to begin your automation process with this simple handheld screwfeeding and driving system.

The screwfeeder bowl is filled and the screws are then oriented and fed to the tooling tip. The automatic screw driver installs each fastener to the proper torque. The feeder immediately delivers the next screw keeping your assembly operator productive.

The Visumatic Advant-edge
• Perfect for small assembly lines, small budgets
• Includes Visumatic Model 94 Screwfeeder
     - The simplest screw feeder system available
     - Extremely quiet Steel Enclosure eliminates debris
     - Longest blow distance in its class

Visumatic Standard Collapse automatic screwfeeder systems are designed for your part, with the best choice of:
• Driver Tool:  Pneumatic, AC, or DC Electric Torque Control
• Nosepiece:  Jaw, Finder, Mini, or Fin-Jaw
• Feeder Escapement:  Standard, Cam, or Finger

Achieve your productivity goals quickly with the most reliable
automatic screwfeeder system on the market.

Affordable.      Simple to Maintain.      Entry Level.

Standard Screwfeeder  

Solid Screwfeeder Design.

Easy Training.

Improve Productivity.


Automatic Screwfeeder

VLB-900 Locking Bit Automatic

Positively engages screw in the nosepiece tooling tip so operators can align mating parts in any orientation. Comes with an efficient custom tooled screwfeeder.

Pistol Screwfeeder

VLB-900-PS Pistol Locking Bit
Automatic Screwfeeder

For horizontal applications. Positively engages the screw in the nosepiece so operators can align screw and mating parts. Complete with automatic screwfeeder.
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