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Machine Builder Screw Driving Equipment

Visumatic is a leading supplier to specialty machine builders, providing modular building blocks for customers who are implementing an automatic assembly process.

Our expertise in fastener automation allows machine builders to quickly integrate component systems for immediate functionality. Systems are designed to interface with your equipment with your bolt hole pattern, counterbores, flats or bosses. They include integral I/O contacts, cabling and a suggested PLC code, all carefully planned and written for you. Our designs fit seamlessly.

• Components range from individual power drivers, feeders and hoppers,
  to large multi-spindle systems or robots
• When ‘Plug-n-Work” convenient systems are necessary

Configured for Your Part, Your Line with the right:
Driver Tool, Nosepiece, Orientation, Delivery System, and Feeder Escapement

Power Driver
VPD Power Drivers with Screwfeeder
Our #1 selling feeding and driving system to install screws, nuts, rivets and push pins over a wide torque range, in one or multiple locations. Handles very small to extra large fasteners.
Power Module
VPM Power Modules
For incorporation into six-axis robots or X-Y-Z cartesian positioning systems to automatically feed and bit–stroke screws into parts.
Nut Power Driver
VNPD Nut Power Drivers
#1 selling Power Driver configured for nut driving with our exclusive
"X-Thread Eliminator" for the best insurance against cross threading.
Viper MBC Screw Driving Robot
Viper MBC Screw Driving Robot
Modular 4-axis robot system for rapid deployment in automated assembly projects that require driving fasteners quickly & accurately.
Cobot Screwdriving
VCM Collaborative Robot Screwdriving Package
a complete feed and drive system takes your cobot to the next level.
VIM-700 Insertion Spindle for Non-Threaded Fasteners
VIM-700 Insertion Spindle for Non-Threaded Fasteners
Automatic feed and insert system for pins, clips, rivets, darts, and other specialty fasteners.
Viper 4-axis Robot
Viper 4-Axis Robot System with Vision Inspection
Top of the line Robotic turnkey system for lightning-fast, error-free automatic screwfeeding and driving
Dual X-Y Robot
Dual X-Y Robot Conveyor Station
A “Plug-n-Work” Robotic X-Y positioning systems for multiple-screw placement with independent drivers.
5 Spindle Machine
5 Spindle Conveyor Assembly Station
Simultaneous multiple screw placements to significantly increase productivity.
6 Spindle Machine
Multi Spindle Assembly Stations
Simultaneously drives multiple screws for use in high volume automated assembly machines..
Screw Feeder
Custom Feeder Systems
Microprocessor controls provide maximum flexibility and serviceability in our many configuration packages capable of handling stock or custom parts.
The Experts in Feeding and Driving Technology
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