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5 Spindle Conveyor Assembly Line Station

Application: Simultaneous multiple screw placements to significantly increase productivity.

5 Spindle Conveyor Station Visumatic can accommodate any assembly requirement with Multi-Spindle Stand Alone Assembly Machines. If you need automatic, simultaneous multiple screw placements to increase productivity, these stations are designed to significantly increase your productivity.

A multi-spindle system with conveyer will:
 • Improve speed and deliver seamless part placement
 • Deliver fast, efficient applications for your production

The Visumatic Advant-edge 
 • Multi-Spindle systems can incorporate:
    - Conveyers
    - Multiple feeders
    - Bulk hoppers
    - Customer specified components
 • Ready to "plug-n-run" upon delivery
 • Each spindle incorporates
    - your choice of pneumatic, AC or DC electric driver tool
    - your choice of nosepieces
    - nosepieces designed specifically for your part and application
 • Each assembly station is exhaustively tested before shipping

Screw Driving Assembly Head Visumatic 5 Spindle Conveyor Systems are designed for your part, with the right choice of:
 • Driver Motor:  Pneumatic, AC or DC Electric Torque Control
 • Nosepiece:  Jaw, Finder-Jaw, Mini, or Nut-Jaw
 • Feeder Escapement:  Standard, Nut, Siamese, Cam, or Finger

Multi-Application.   Conveyor Systems.

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