Higher Torque ScrewsAssembly Process: Automatically feed and drive, one per cycle, an M4 x 20mm long torx drive pan head screw to required 4.8 Nm torque to secure a fan clutch housing. A radial torque arm was required to absorb the tightening reaction forces and also assist the operator with vertical alignment.

The six (6) screw install locations were nested down inside the walls of cast heat sink fins. Visumatic applied our VLB-900 Locking Bit system to limit the ergonomic motions of the operator during screw driving and while allowing rapid feeding of the next screw. Our Fin-Jaw tooling tip was selected to reach the tight recessed space without requiring rotational action from the operator’s wrist.

This combination of technologies allowed greater production efficiency with less strain and dexterity training on the part of the operator.

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