Application Spotlight

An electronics manufacturer was rolling out an updated product design and they wanted to prove out a new form of process automation at the same time. The part had compound angles for which the flexibility of the collaborative robot was ideal. It also utilized a fastener that was common in the facility, which would help to maximize use of this technology combination for future applications.

Visumatic worked with the customer to develop a collaborative work cell platform that would be nearly universal for most product assemblies. This was done to allow simple, cost-effective change over to new products and speed implementation of future process improvements. It also reduced support and maintenance training requirements.

The customer brought their own cobot and Visumatic unleashed it’s potential to perform applied automated fastening work. See the full range of cobot screwdriving options on our 6-axis Cobot Workstation page.

This cobot workstation was delivered complete, straight to the customer’s floor. They were able to deploy it and start production trials on the same day.

Cobot Screwdriving Workstation