Customer Spotlight

A couple of factories and 20 years later, automated fastening continues along for this electrical lug manufacturer. They came to Visumatic in 1999 looking to reduce labor and radically improve throughput for a mature product. A rotary indexing system was created, combining a single VPD Power Driver and a set of Model 94 feeders.

The lug body was machine fed and placed into a dial table nest each cycle. The blade drive set screw was automatically fed to the drive spindle and then driven to torque. The completed assemblies were automatically unloaded.

This fully automated machine was tested and verified during a multi-day runoff in the Fall of 2000 consisting of three 8 hour production runs. It was able to produce one completed assembly every second, beating the production target handily.

After beginning its service career in Ohio, during a mid-life crisis the machine traveled to Mexico, where it is still running production today. Making good use of Visumatic service and support, this very happy customer hasn’t stopped counting the savings as their ROI carries on.

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The same lug and set screw (left), the machine starting to show its age circa 2020 (right).

lights  out screwdrivingSystem at runoff acceptance, circa 2000