An automotive air intake manufacturer reached out for assistance assembling a new model with multiple screws joining case halves with a sealing gasket in between. Although initially concepted as a 6-axis robot, since the fasteners were all installed in the same vertical plane, the machine builder recommended using the Viper MBC to deliver faster screwdriving and point to point robot moves.

When the parts are loaded in the fixture, the machine will clamp the case halves. The Viper MBC system will feed and drive one M5 x 28mm long socket drive hex head screw with molded washer to 1.8 Nm torque. The machine will coordinate the robot movements around the perimeter to each drive location.

Torque and angle control screwdriver integration provided custom rundown strategies for each screw install point. This flexibility provided maximum joint control while compressing the gasket, providing a consistent seal across the entire perimeter.

Visumatic’s unique through-the-quill integration delivers zero offset screwdriving. This simplifies teach point programming eliminating the need for cumbersome offset calculations.

By identifying the application dynamics and choosing our best fit fastening technology, the machine builder was able to deliver a more reliable long-term value to their customer. See more Viper MBC integration examples on our screwdriving robot page.

This Viper MBC screwdriving system integrated a FANUC SCARA robot arriving complete to the machine builder. They were able to mount the robot and program screwdriving coordinates in one day.

Robot screwdriving along the same plane with sealing gasket visible.

Model 94 screwfeeder system with bulk hopper.