A machine builder was working on a very challenging assembly project for an aerospace component assembly application. They began searching for a fastening solution to accurately and repeatably drive screws inside of their robot cell.

After a full engineering review of the project requirements, the VPM Power Module with Screwfeeder from Visumatic was determined to be a solid solution. The Power Module allowed them to feed the screw on demand and provided system feedback that provided monitoring of revolutions and torque to ensure the screw was properly installed every time.

The machine build group found that the VPM product was “easy for our electrical technicians to work with and was offered at a competitive price point.” They said that they also appreciated the assistance they received from the team at Visumatic when setting up the system.

They placed the feeder outside the cell, integrating the drive spindle on a Fanuc LR Mate robot using an ATI Tool Changer (as shown in the picture below). The entire team at the automation builder was pleased with the VPM Power Module with Screwfeeder and plan to use this product again in similar applications.

VPM 5 Series Power Module

VPM 5 Series Power Module

Visumatic can design the system to include a custom mounting bolt hole pattern or special tool change adapter plate for your robot. Your process dictates our design.

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