A casting and machine part gear box manufacturer was using an operator to perform a manual bolt placement and tightening operation with inconsistent results. Now a heavy-duty Visumatic VPD Power Driver has been applied to take on the strain of this high torque application.

Once the part is loaded, the M8 x 25mm socket drive hex head bolts with patch lock are automatically fed and driven to 22 ft/lbs torque in a programmed six-location pattern. This eliminates imbalance while supplying maximum joint control to the finished product.

The angled touchscreen makes operator interface both convenient and comfortable. The machine has mechanical guarding throughout and a light curtain in the load/unload area for user safety. A programmable driver motor installs each bolt to a discrete torque and angle, recording full SPC data while ensuring a precision assembly.

Worker strain and injury risk was eliminated while increasing the throughput of the work area. The improved torquing sequencing delivered by this automated assembly machine resulted in high quality assemblies, greater throughput, and reduced costly re-work operations.

High Torque Bolt Assembly Machine

Close Up: rotary indexing part fixture