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Visumatic Honors the Life and Work of Factory Representative Larry Hatley

Saying goodbye is never easy, and Visumatic recently embarked on a new journey to celebrate the passing of an old friend. Our colleague Larry Hatley completed his business on earth, and we have been taking time in our own way, to pause and reflect as we all adjust to this new reality.

Visumatic President, Jeff Cunningham, stated that “Larry meant a lot to us, so I have decided to commemorate the new system for our mutual customer to him. Hopefully, it will be a part of their assembly process for many years to come.” We put together a decked-out automated fastening system which includes custom colors, chromium plating, and dedication badging to celebrate the lasting legacy of our friendships forged over the years.

Hatley & Associates is one of Visumatic’s longest standing representatives, working together in a partnership spanning 4 decades. Although he retired from active selling awhile back, Larry’s signature remains on the original agreement which created our working relationship.

His son Mark carries on their legacy by continuing to positively impact manufacturers throughout the Carolinas. Well done Larry!

Larry Hatley - Jeff with unit

Visumatic Industrial Products is a family owned and operated business headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky. They are experts in feeding and driving technology, specializing in automated fastening systems for factories that do product assembly work. All machinery is designed, built, and tested in-house, and offered through a distributor network in the USA, Canada, Mexico, the UK, and the EU.

For further information, contact Jarrod Neff, Marketing Manager at 859-255-7907 or visit anytime.

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